Our New CEO

Model, actress, and creative entrepreneur, Allison Elizabeth Brown, boasts nearly two decades of experience in both fashion and branding/entertainment development. She is an accomplished branding strategist, having worked with numerous public figures and celebrities in various capacities.

Allison played a pivotal role in Marjorie Harvey's meteoric rise in the fashion industry from 2013 to 2018. Her ability to conceptualize, develop, and manage the launch of Marjorie's blog "The Lady Loves Couture," as well as Marjorie Harvey Handbags and Marjorie Harvey's Closet, solidified her reputation as an astute visionary. Notably, Allison also curated and oversaw Marjorie's fashion segments on her husband Steve Harvey's acclaimed talk show.

Leveraging her entertainment talents and industry experience as a screenwriter and branding strategist, Allison is skillfully merging her skills to establish a hybrid business portfolio as an entrepreneur. With a strong focus on design, branding, and storytelling, she is poised to revolutionize the market.

As she forges her path through a conglomerate of brands, Allison aims to reinvent familiar silhouettes and craft imaginative looks for dedicated fashion enthusiasts. Her deep appreciation for Studio 54 aesthetics and admiration for iconic designers like Halston and Stephen Burrows are evident in her design philosophy.

In addition to being an innovative business leader, Allison is also a consummate fashion designer. She is the very first Person of Color (POC) designer to create a fashion collection for Mano Swartz Furs. Allison will offer a sneak peek into her luxury capsule collection this fall during NYFW, with the entire collection set to be unveiled in late October. This collaboration represents a groundbreaking initiative for the brand, consisting of innovative designs that blend timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Furthermore, as part of Allison’s visionary leadership and commitment to extending opportunities for equity in fashion, the company intends to make collaborating with POC designers an annual initiative that will provide both a platform and valuable industry resources to deserving, yet often marginalized talent.

In an unprecedented move, Allison has been newly appointed as the CEO/Creative Director for Mano Swartz. "Allison's journey is a testament to her versatility and talent. She has seamlessly woven her passion for fashion and entertainment into a career centered around dynamic storytelling," says Richard Swartz, President and Owner of Mano Swartz Furs. "We are delighted to welcome her aboard and believe that her unique perspective will guide our brand into an exciting new chapter." This historic appointment signifies a groundbreaking step forward for the legacy brand. Not only is Allison the first outsider of the family to assume this leadership role, but she is also one of the first women and women of color to spearhead a business of this caliber. Drawing inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld's multifaceted approach, Allison plans to channel her creative talents across multiple brands.

In addition to her role at Mano Swartz Inc., Allison is set to debut an exclusive, more affordable collection for HSN (The Home Shopping Network) on February 1, 2024. With these landmark accomplishments, Allison Elizabeth Brown continues to redefine the fashion industry's landscape, proving that her journey is one of creativity, empowerment, and endless possibilities.