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Est. 1889

Previously Loved Furs


What is your return policy?

Within 7 days of the purchase date and in the same condition as when we sent it to you. For more go to No Hassle Return Policy.

When I buy a Previously Loved Fur how does free monogram work?

We will personalize it with a free monogram when you store your fur the following spring.

When I buy a Previously Loved Fur how does summer storage specials work?

Each spring you will be entitled to our storage special price.

Where do they come from?

We buy furs from people who no longer want their furs.

What condition are they in?

We only resell furs that are of high-quality and that have passed our 40-point inspection.

      Immaculate: minimally worn in near perfect condition
      Gently Worn: may show slight imperfections or signs of wear
      Fair: moderately worn with imperfections but still very wearable

How do the prices compare to the same fur new?

Prices average 70-90% less than the same fur new.

How is each measurement taken?

Check out our Sizing Guide.

Length: from the collar seam at center back to the hem
Sweep: from one end of the hem to the other
Sleeve: from the seam between the collar and shoulder to the wrist (including the shoulder)
Shoulder to Shoulder: across the back of the coat at the top
Bust: the bust measured just below the arm holes.

What are the different types of closures?

Hooks and rings: bendable wire hooks that close by going through rings,sometimes called “American closures”
Snap hooks and eyes: metal hooks that snap closed after going through rings, sometimes called “European closures”
Zippers: regular or two-way which means it can also unzip from the bottom to allow room for sitting
Toggles: leather straps that go around long shaped receivers.
Buttons: with either button holes or elastic loops.

Why is it important to have a written appraisal for a my fur?

To insure your fur properly have it listed as a separate rider of your homeowner’s insurance policy.
In order to do this you will need a written appraisal from us or a professional furrier.