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Fur Care


What are the 3 most common mistakes in caring for a fur?

  1. Not storing it with a professional furrier during the summer in a temperature/humidity balanced vault.
  2. Storing fur in a bag. A fur needs to breathe.
  3. Putting a fur near moth balls or in a cedar closet which will dry out the fur and make it smell badly.

Why is it so important to store and condition my fur each spring with a professional furrier?

Storage and conditioning will protect your fur from drying out and keep it looking its best.
Your fur must be stored in a temperature and humidity balanced vault. Conditioning moisturizes the pelts and glazing restores its natural luster.

Why can’t I just store my fur in my basement / closet at home?

Home air conditioning does not have the correct temperature or humidity balance.
A closet is often hotter than the rest of the house and mold and mildew can form in the basement.

What do I need to know about caring for my fur?

Check out our fur care tips page.

How do I insure my fur?

Get a written appraisal from a professional furrier so you can list it as a separate rider on your homeowner’s policy.
We are delighted to provide this appraisal for you for no charge. We will need to physically have your fur to do this.

Will rain or snow hurt my fur?

No, simply shake it off hang  and hang it in a dry place away from direct heat. If it gets completely soaked bring it to us.

What is conditioning and glazing?

Conditioning is the process of moisturizing the pelts. Because a fur is organic it will dry out without this process. Glazing restores the natural luster of the fur. Cleaning is done on an as-need basis only. For example, if there is makeup on the collar.
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